Adulting 101: Going Back to College

Adulting 101: Going Back to College

For many adults, going back to college has been on their minds for a while now. But as a working adult you may wonder, how can I manage everything? Adulting is hard as it is, now you’re going to try to squeeze in studying on top of it all? The answer is yes – and it’s more doable than you think. All you need are a few simple strategies. To help you see how doable it is to adult and go back to college, we’ve created this easy step-by-step guide.


 Pre-Step: Enroll in college.

Ashworth College has gone to great lengths to make it easy for adults like you to fit going back to college into your busy lifestyle, work schedule ,and family commitments. Everything you do with us, from payments to study schedule to when you take exams is all on your terms. Our admissions advisors can walk you through the details. Request more info today!


Step 1: Set your priorities.

You can have it all, but not all at once.

The answer to managing a busy life is not do it all, or at least not all at once. You know you have to pay your bills. And you have to study. So, something else has to give. As a student-professional, prioritizing might mean ditching cooking dinner for ordering out, or skipping date night with your significant other. Another pivot in priorities that will help? Dump the distractions. Your phone, social media sites, and multi-tasking can all interfere with what matters most, so keep them in check as much as possible.


Step 2: Get Organized.

Make a plan, write it down, follow the plan.

The key to any plan is to personalize it. Start by thinking about your personality, goals and responsibilities; customizing your plan with these filters will help you stick to it. Then write it all down. Not simply a to-do list, but proactively plot when you have to work, when you’ll have family responsibilities and when you think you’ll study. It’s best if this schedule is at least weekly but if you can, plan for a month or a few months at a time. By planning, you’ll spend less time worrying about all you have to do and when to do it and have more time to actually get things done.


Step 3: Assemble your squad.

It’s time to activate your network.

It takes a village to adult. That’s the saying, right? Well, in this case it is. Balancing college, work, and life is tough to do alone. Get everyone in your life on board with your plan from Step 2. Talk to your family, your boss, your friends, even your cat. They will all be impacted by your plan and likely have a role to play.


Step 4: Keep your eye on why.

Remember the reason you are doing this in the first place.

Balancing going to college while working to pay the bills, and possibly caring for a family is hard. But is anything worth doing ever easy? Write down why you are going back to college and tack it up somewhere you see every day. This regular reminder will keep your goal top of mind and make it easier to get through the more challenging times.


Step 5: Take time to chill.

Self-care is essential to not burning out.

While you’re taking care of school, your job and those around you, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Do what you can to avoid this mistake. Get plenty of sleep, make time to exercise, and, once in a while, reward yourself with your favorite guilty pleasure to celebrate a job well done.


Don’t let the possibility of your responsibilities get in the way of achieving your dreams. You can make going back to college as an adult work. And what’s more adult than earning that college degree or certificate?


Call us with questions or, if you’re ready to get started, we make it simple to Enroll online now.



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