What Does “Affordability” Mean at Ashworth College?

Paying for your education shouldn’t be a burden. If you’re dedicated to achieving your academic and career goals, you should be able to acquire the high-quality education you deserve at an affordable cost.

This idea is what drives Ashworth College and the programs it provides. We pride ourselves on being among the most affordable online schools anywhere. But what does “affordable” really mean? Here’s how we help students earn their degrees without breaking the bank.



Low Tuition

First and foremost, we aim to keep tuition prices low. Many of Ashworth’s programs are priced up to 80 percent less than what you’d expect to pay at other schools. If you’re researching programs and want to see how Ashworth College compares, you can use this tuition guide and calculator to estimate your costs.

Unlike some programs, tuition includes the cost of textbooks and learning materials. The school also provides free academic guidance and career support so you can be successful in completing your courses.

Unique Payment Plan

Ashworth College has a liberal tuition policy that allows you to customize the amount you pay on a monthly basis to fit your budget. Having monthly payments can make the cost of tuition more accessible and easier to manage, so students can avoid taking out student loans (when possible) to pay a lump sum.

Flexibility to Work While You Earn Your Degree

Some may assume that going back to school means they won’t be able to work or manage other important responsibilities. Luckily, Ashworth’s flexible learning model makes it possible to fit school into your already busy schedule and keep a work-school-life balance. In fact, most Ashworth students continue to work full-time while completing their programs. Lessons are self-paced, giving you the flexibility to choose when and where you study. With an online program that complements your existing lifestyle, you can better maintain financial stability (and have a life, too!)

Most importantly, Ashworth College’s degree programs are developed by academic and industry professionals to make sure you learn the right skills to be successful in your career. Whether you are looking for a new career, want to move up in your existing role, or start your own business, Ashworth can provide you with an education that truly pays off.

Learn more about Ashworth College’s online degree programs.

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