How Ashworth College Stacks Up: 5 Ways We Fit Busy Moms’ Lives

How Ashworth College Stacks Up: 5 Ways We Fit Busy Moms' Lives

Mom life. It’s the definition of busy. Making sure your kids get to school. Being the homework police. Playing referee in sibling drama. Being the president, CEO and CFO of the household. You do all of that on the reg – on top of keeping up with your work schedule. But, no matter how much you have going on, you’re determined to make your college dreams a reality. Finding the right fit is a big deal when choosing a school. So we want to make it easy for you to compare Ashworth College’s online programs to those other guys. Here’s a list of all the ways our programs fit the lives of busy moms.

We’re Ready When You Are (Unlike Your Kids)

Isn’t it always the case? You’re ready to leave the house and your kids are nowhere to be found. Your oldest is checking her hair in the bathroom, and your littlest can’t find his backpack. You’re left repeating “Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean…”

From the start, Ashworth College is ready when you are. We don’t have set enrollment times so you can begin your classes as soon as you sign up. Plus, once you’re enrolled you can get to everything you need – lessons, turning in assignments, taking exams, checking your grades, etc. – easily from the student portal. No waiting!

Our Flexible Schedule Runs on Mom Time

Life is unpredictable. Like that time you and your pre-teen made it through back-to-school shopping without fighting (that wasn’t a dream, was it?). Ashworth College’s online courses flex with your schedule because you get to work at the pace that fits your life. If you have an extra day off or a free weekend, you can work through some of your courses. Or, if there’s a busy holiday and you need to progress a little slower, that works too. There are no pre-scheduled classes or exams. No due dates. No group projects. So you learn, and master, what you need to know at your own pace.

We Can Right-Size Your Tuition Payments

You’re a champion couponer, a master meal planner, and a DIY Diva. But, going back to school still costs money, which may mean an adjustment for your family. With the flexibility mentioned above, many of our students keep their full-time jobs, which helps. But, we also offer flexible payment plans. Talk to one of our admission advisors today about our monthly plan options to see what works for you and your family.

You can also check out how we compare to some of our competitors.

You Get to Choose

Busy moms don’t often get choices. Your meals might consist of whatever the kids don’t eat. And, when’s the last time you chose the Saturday night movie to watch? At Ashworth College, we give you back the power of choice. We have more than 100 certificates, degrees, and diplomas to choose from. Whether you want to start a career as a veterinary technician, try your hand at being a personal trainer, or advance your career in criminal law and procedure, we have you covered.

We’ve Got Your Back

No mom is an island. In your life, you probably have a network of family members, friends, and co-workers whom you turn to for support. Our Academic Advisors are the same. (Although we can only attest to their academic counseling. We’re not sure what will happen if you ask them how to get your kids to listen to you.) The advising team is there to help you on your journey to better yourself and improve your career. Even though you study on your own, they are your touchpoint when you get stuck.

We love being able to support moms in their goals. So, whether you are taking on the challenge of going to college with toddlers still in tow or are an empty-nester ready to fulfill a lifelong dream, we think Ashworth College will be a great fit!

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