Ashworth College Reviews | Success of Caribbean Students

Ashworth College offers online courses to students in numerous locations, including the Caribbean. Our flexible online degrees and training programs allow you to complete your education at your own pace, which is especially helpful if you are working full time and would otherwise be unable to fit college classes into your schedule. Many students have found that they are able to get an education in spite of previous concerns and obstacles.

Online Courses for Caribbean Students

Our online programs are easily accessible for students in the Caribbean, including Saint Lucia, Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, and other countries in the region. Some helpful facts to know about Ashworth College in the Caribbean include:

  • We have thousands of students enrolled in our courses with many graduates
  • Most course materials are available online
  • Other materials are shipped via international airmail and arrive promptly
  • Academic advising is available by phone and email
  • Graduates can attend our annual graduation ceremony in Atlanta, GA

Many Caribbean students have been able to successfully complete our online degrees and advance their careers, as exhibited in our Ashworth College Reviews page.

Lavinia’s Story

One of the Ashworth College reviews is given by Lavinia Dunkley-Adjodha from Saint Lucia, who opted for our Associate’s in Construction Management degree in 2008. In spite of feeling nervous about receiving an online education, she found it was reasonably simple, especially since she could easily fit her education around her work schedule. Her learning materials also arrived promptly, enabling her to get right into it.

In 2010, she graduated with her Associate’s in Construction Management and transferred credits over to begin a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She now works as a project manager, which utilizes the skills she gained in both fields. Eventually, she wants to work on her own.

Benefits of Distance Learning

This is just one example of the way Ashworth College can help our Caribbean students succeed. Our online programs make getting an education simple for students everywhere. They are flexible, affordable, and provide the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. In addition, our resources are readily accessible either online or through mail. With us, you obtain the tools you need to succeed.

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