40+ Programs at Ashworth College that Will Help You Ditch the Desk

40+ Programs at Ashworth College that Will Help You Ditch the Desk

Does the idea of spending eight hours docked at a desk leave you feeling short of breath? Does the thought of “suiting up” five days a week make you sweaty? We get it. A career in an office is not for you. Luckily there are plenty of options to help you ditch the desk. Whether you’re looking to pivot out of your current field or just getting started in your career, we’ve got you covered. Ashworth College has more than 40 programs that can lead you away from cubicle city and toward a career with a view. Read about them below and give our admissions advisors a call with any follow-up questions.

Construction Management Associate Degree

Get a great mix of general, broad-based knowledge and construction-specific skills. Courses in cost estimating, project scheduling and drawings, and specifications will get you ready for a career that is definitely not corporate. Once you start your career, your days will be onsite at commercial and residential building projects, not in a stuffy office. Plus, because of interest in retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency, the number of construction jobs is expected to grow.

Dog Obedience Trainer Diploma

If you prefer pooches over people, why not make a career out of it? As a dog trainer, you’ll work with the furriest members of the family on putting their best paw forward. In the Ashworth dog trainer course, you’ll learn all about the roles and responsibilities of a professional dog trainer. You’ll also build knowledge about different training methods, breed characteristics, problem behaviors, reinforcement techniques and critical periods of dog behavior.

Early Childhood Education Bachelor’s Degree

Teaching tiny tots is an important job. If you’re thinking about teaching in a pre-school, after-school program, daycare center, or special education class that includes ages eight and under, earning a bachelor’s degree can be a good idea. Through a set of general education and specialized early childhood education courses you’ll learn the principles and procedures of supervising and educating wee ones.

Floral Design Diploma

Does spending the day among daisies, daffodils, and dahlias seem like a dream? Then it might be time to make a flourishing career out of flowers. Ashworth’s floral design program will help you do just that. In it you’ll learn about floral design history; professional organizations and certifications; flower and foliage identification; care, handling, storage and distribution of flowers and plants; and establishing a floral design business. You’ll also get a deeper understanding of basic and contemporary design techniques and design specialties, including sympathy, wedding, prom, party, holiday, seasonal and artificial design.

Motorcycle Mechanics Diploma

Spend your day wrenching on bikes of all shapes and sizes instead of sitting in a windowless conference room! As a motorcycle mechanic, you’ll be in charge of everything from repairing and replacing headlights, spark plugs, and tires to performing routine maintenance and troubleshooting different components and systems. In our motorcycle repair program, you’ll learn the basics of motorcycle engines, including how they work and the names of various parts. Plus, you’ll get a deeper understanding of motorcycle electrical and electronics systems, including electronic fuel injection.

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Other Programs

Still looking for the perfect way to ditch the desk? Here are the other programs Ashworth College offers that can lead you away from the cubicle life.


  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Professional Certification
  • Personal Trainer Professional Certification

Creative Programs

  • Event Planning Diploma
  • Gourmet Cooking and Catering Professional Certification
  • Interior Decorating Diploma
  • Jewelry Design and Repair Diploma
  • Landscape Design Diploma
  • Sports Psychology for Peak Performance Diploma
  • Wedding Planner Diploma


  • Child Care Provider Diploma
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate
  • Early Childhood Education Undergraduate Degree
  • Early Childhood Education Associate Degree
  • Teacher Assisting Diploma


  • Home Health Aide Diploma
  • Nursing (RN-BSN) Bachelor’s Degree
  • Occupational Therapy Aide Diploma
  • Pharmacy Technician Professional Certification
  • Physical Therapy Aide Diploma

Legal Studies

  • Private Investigation Diploma


  • Basic Electronics Diploma


  • Automotive Automatic Transmission Certificate
  • Automotive Engine Performance Certificate
  • Automotive HVAC Certificate
  • Automotive Manual Drive Trains Certificate
  • Automotive Technician Diploma
  • Carpentry Diploma
  • Construction Management Undergraduate Degree
  • Diesel Mechanic Diploma
  • Electrician Training Diploma
  • Gunsmithing Diploma
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Professional Certification
  • Home Inspection Diploma
  • Locksmithing Professional Certification
  • Plumbing Diploma
  • Property Management Diploma

If you have questions about which program might be the best fit for you, get in touch with one of our admissions advisors today!



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