Ashworth Global Graduates Open Up About Their Experience

Ashworth College alumni span across the globe, and they also live busy lives. With such a diverse student base like Ashworth’s it is no secret they all had a different experience studying online while all having the common goal of achieving their degrees for building a bright career and future.

In the testimonial below Ashworth College graduates discuss what they enjoyed about Ashworth College and what the future will hold for them post graduation.

Video Transcript:

Speaker 1: I mean it was an amazing experience. It really was.

Speaker 2: I did a career diploma in marketing communications.

Speaker 3: A diploma in computer network security.

Speaker 4: Professional property management.

Speaker 5: I did pharmacy tech.

Speaker 6: Construction management.

Speaker 4: It has given me the knowledge to exercise a business that will be a worthwhile profitable business. I thank Ashworth College for that, because had it not been for Ashworth College I would not be standing here today talking to you.

Speaker 3: I want to go ahead and get my bachelor’s degree and keep working my way up in the computer science field.

Speaker 1: I am re-enrolling to finish my bachelor’s with Ashworth.

Speaker 2: I’m enrolled in the Ashworth College associate [degree] program. I’m excited about that because I had such a great experience. I’m like well I might as well just keep going. After coming to graduation and seeing the enthusiasm. I mean you’re just hooked.

Speaker 5: If you are determined, if you have a goal set, you will achieve it. Keep your eyes on the prize—graduation.


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