You Can Study Online to Become an Electrician

You Can Study Online to Become an Electrician

  The internet provides us with access to nearly everything we could possibly want. We now have the ability to do things like unlock our front doors and update the functionality of our automobiles remotely. Yet people still question how a trade can be learned online. It’s simple. Between figuring it out on your own […]

How to Become a Home Stager

How to Become a Home Stager

  It’s one thing to know how to decorate a room (or an entire house) to swoon-worthy perfection, like you see on those “fixer-upper” type TV shows, but it’s something else to know how to market your artistic services to clients and build a profitable business. Fortunately, you can learn how to become a home […]

Why Get a Business Management Degree Online

Why Get a Business Management Degree Online?

  There are few fields of study that will give you more options for success in your career than business management. Going for your business management degree online can blast your career wide open with new opportunities—and not just in the business world. Nonprofit organizations, public institutions and governmental agencies all rely on people with […]

Learn More, Learn Faster: The Importance of Sleep for College Students

Learn More, Learn Faster: The Importance of Sleep for College Students

  We’ve long known that sleep is necessary for sound mental and physical performance. Not getting enough sleep often results in grogginess, sleepiness throughout the day, and a noticeably reduced ability to focus – not ideal for those of you fitting in studies between work, family, and hobbies. In recent years there have been several […]

The Benefits of Online Courses

The Benefits of Online Courses

Here at Ashworth College we’re obviously fans of the online learning environment. The flexibility of being able to fit studying around a life instead of navigating a fixed class schedule has made it possible for thousands upon thousands of students from around the globe achieve their goal of earning a certificate or degree. You may […]

What Am I Reading Study Guide

Ashworth College Study Guide for Reading Comprehension

  Ever read something, glance away, and realize as your eyes return to the page that you have no memory of what you just read?  You’re not alone. In these days of easy distraction and 140-character tweets, the art of reading comprehension can flounder. Lucikly, all it takes to up your reading game is a bit […]

Ashworth College Roundup: Top Resources for Online Vet Tech Degrees

Roundup: Top Resources for Online Vet Tech Degrees

If you’ve been thinking about turning your passion for pets into a career as a veterinary technician (vet tech), congratulations for making a smart choice. The Ashworth College online vet tech degree equips you with all the knowledge you need to successfully pursue a career in this lucrative industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts […]

Ashworth College Consider AutoCAD Training Online

Consider AutoCAD Training Online

When it was first released in 1982, AutoCAD – a computer-aided design and drafting program – changed the world of architectural engineering by making it less expensive and more precise to draft construction plans. Today, AutoCAD and its related applications are used extensively for digital design, civil engineering, product development, and so much more, that […]

Ashworth College Online Paralegal Training Nationally Recognized

Ashworth College Online Paralegal Training Nationally Recognized

  The paralegal profession is hot right now. Ashworth College knows a thing or two about online paralegal career training–more than 19,000 students have graduated with a Paralegal Studies Career Diploma, a Paralegal Studies Undergraduate Certificate, or an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies from our online programs. Paralegals and legal assistants support lawyers […]

Building a Health & Wellness Career

Building a Health & Wellness Career

  Food to Fitness: Building a Health & Wellness Career with Ashworth College No longer just a grade school topic relegated to coloring pages of the food pyramid and Presidential Physical Fitness tests, the world of health and wellness has developed into a lifestyle choice. Annually, the pursuit of fitness by adults and families translates […]

4 Ashworth College Reward Programs

4 Ashworth College Reward Programs – An Infographic

Saving You Money The Ashworth College mission statement includes affordability as one of its main value propositions. But our quality educational programs become more affordable than ever through a variety of savings offers. Get all the info and learn how to enroll here: Savings & Discounts.

Online Training for Property Management

Online Training for Property Management

If you think property management could be your thing, take advantage of the flexible and affordable online training program at Ashworth College. Study anywhere, anytime to gain skills and launch a career in property management for real estate companies, residential facilities, or your own properties. You can earn your diploma in as few as four […]

Four Ways to Build Your Money Saving Skills

There are only three things you can do with money: spend it, save it, or give it away. The choices you make–on everything from impulse buys to planned purchases–can have lasting financial impacts. World-renowned leadership guru Stephen R. Covey said it best: “You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage—pleasantly, […]

Ashworth College Carbon Footprint blog hero

Can Attending Ashworth College Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Here’s a benefit to Ashworth College that you likely haven’t considered. If you choose to attend college online, you’ll create a smaller carbon footprint than if you choose to attend a brick-and-mortar college! Our friends at College Choice made this fun infographic explaining why. It really makes sense!

Adulting 101: Going Back to College

Adulting 101: Going Back to College

For many adults, going back to college has been on their minds for a while now. But as a working adult you may wonder, how can I manage everything? Adulting is hard as it is, now you’re going to try to squeeze in studying on top of it all? The answer is yes – and […]

Ashworth College Graduate Credits Flexible Program with Her Success

Ashworth College Graduate Credits Flexible Program with Her Success

                        We love hearing from Ashworth College students! Your stories inspire us and others to go after what matters. At Ashworth’s in-person graduation ceremony we caught up with Jazmine Dalcoe to hear why she went back to school and what she thought about her […]

40+ Programs at Ashworth College that Will Help You Ditch the Desk

40+ Programs at Ashworth College that Will Help You Ditch the Desk

Does the idea of spending eight hours docked at a desk leave you feeling short of breath? Does the thought of “suiting up” five days a week make you sweaty? We get it. A career in an office is not for you. Luckily there are plenty of options to help you ditch the desk. Whether […]

7 Powerful Leadership Skills to Highlight When You Change Careers

7 Powerful Leadership Skills to Highlight When You Change Careers

  Are you thinking about taking the leap to change careers? It may feel like you’re about to start completely over but don’t worry! You’ve gained a ton of leadership skills on this career path that you’ll use in your new industry. Finding ways to highlight the skills below in your cover letter, resume, and […]

How Ashworth College Stacks Up: 5 Ways We Fit Busy Moms' Lives

How Ashworth College Stacks Up: 5 Ways We Fit Busy Moms’ Lives

Mom life. It’s the definition of busy. Making sure your kids get to school. Being the homework police. Playing referee in sibling drama. Being the president, CEO and CFO of the household. You do all of that on the reg – on top of keeping up with your work schedule. But, no matter how much […]

Career Lessons Learned too late, and going back to college

#SMH: 9 Career Lessons People Learn Too Late

Do you ever look back and say (or moan), “I wish I would have known that sooner!” Plenty of us do. And wishing we had “known something sooner” often goes double in our careers. When it comes to the working world, there are many lessons we all wish we would have learned just a liiiitle […]

Graduate Says Ashworth College Gave Him More Career Opportunities

Graduate Says Ashworth College Gave Him More Career Opportunities

With graduation comes a particular kind of euphoria. The mix of a sense of accomplishment for academic achievements and excitement for what’s ahead. For many Ashworth College graduates what’s ahead is a new adventure. That’s the case for recent graduate Everest Besa who earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.   A strong support network […]

The Last Minute Shopper’s Guide to Buying Gifts for Adult College Students

The Last Minute Shopper’s Guide to Buying Gifts for Adult College Students

The most skilled gift givers know the presents that pack the most pleasure are those the receiver never knew they needed. For the adults in your life who are going back to college there are plenty of opportunities to usher in that unexpected joy.   Adult college students balance everything from work to school to […]

What it Feels Like to Accomplish Your Goals: Ashworth College Graduate Lisa Ledee’s Story

What it Feels Like to Accomplish Your Goals: Ashworth College Graduate Lisa Ledee’s Story

The feeling of accomplishing something you’ve always wanted to do is special. It’s a feeling of joy. It’s knowing that anything is possible. For a lot of graduates of Ashworth College, that feeling comes at graduation after they’ve finished their program.   That was certainly the case for Lisa Diana Ledee, who recently earned a […]

What is Online Education Like at Ashworth College?

What is Online Education Like at Ashworth College?

Picture a classroom where you can arrive and leave whenever you want. When you need help, you can ask your instructor or someone who specializes in academic or career advice. Everything you learn is fine-tuned specifically to help you reach your career goals. This is what online education is like at Ashworth College. While many […]

Infographic: Do I Need a Career Change?

Are you thinking about changing careers? Consider these questions to see if it’s time for a role refresh, a skills upgrade or a complete career change.

9 Adults from Film & TV Who Go Back to College

Adults – meaning anyone over the age of 25 – are going back to college in record numbers. There are many reasons to pursue higher education: the satisfaction of completing a degree, switching careers or seeking a promotion or new job in the same field. No matter the motivating reason, it can be nice to […]

Video: Going Back to School? Start Here

Are you over 25 and thinking about going back to school? You’re not alone. According to the National Center for Education Statistics nearly half of all college students are over the age of 25. Still it can be hard to figure out where to start, but watching this video can help. Ready to earn your degree […]

Online Education

What to Expect from Online Education

Nowadays, pursuing a quality education can take many forms. Advancements in technology enable more ways to pursue a college degree than ever before. In fact, according to this 2017 report from Digital Learning Compass, over six million people are now enrolled in distance learning – that’s more than one in four college students! Ask yourself […]

When is the right time to go back to college

When is it the Right Time to Go Back to School?

If you’ve thought about going back to school to earn a degree, you’ve probably experienced the internal debate of “when is the right time?” This is a common obstacle for many adults. However, if the benefits of returning to school outweigh your excuses for not making the decision, it might just be your moment. Here […]

Find your ideal study space

Quiz: What Is Your Ideal Study Space?

Earning an online degree means you have the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime. However, different people perform best in different environments, and it’s important to understand what helps and hurts your productivity. Answer the questions below to see which study environment is right for you.   1. How does outside noise affect your focus? A. […]

What to do when there is too much to do

Time Management: What to Do When You Have Too Much to Do

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are a busy person. Between managing your career, spending time with family and friends, working on personal goals and handling other responsibilities, juggling everything can seem like a nearly impossible task at times. But you’re not alone in feeling this way. Anyone who claims to have a […]

Boost your career

Boost Your Career with these Degrees from Ashworth College

You want to be successful in your career. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to consider your career options or you have been in the same line of work for decades, everyone wants the opportunity to achieve their career goals. A strong educational foundation is part of building that success so often when […]

What Does “Affordability” Mean at Ashworth College?

Paying for your education shouldn’t be a burden. If you’re dedicated to achieving your academic and career goals, you should be able to acquire the high-quality education you deserve at an affordable cost. This idea is what drives Ashworth College and the programs it provides. We pride ourselves on being among the most affordable online […]

Video: How Common is Online Learning?

Online education has grown significantly in recent years, making it a viable alternative to attending a brick-and-mortar school. This has made earning a degree more accessible to contemporary students who may not be able to attend a “traditional” college. Learn more about online education in the video below. Interested in earning your degree online? Explore […]

Back to School: Tips for Parent Students

As a parent, the idea of going back to school to earn a degree may feel daunting. Luckily, the continued growth of online education options has made it more manageable for adults with busy schedules to pursue their education and career goals. But, in order to manage work, family, and other responsibilities, it’s important to […]

Video: How to Save Money for College

Thinking about going back to school to start a new career or enhance your skills in your existing field? Before you enroll, it’s important to think about the costs associated with earning an online degree and to make a plan on how you will pay for your program. Here are a few tips on how […]

Woman using smart phone

Four Productivity Apps for Online Students

Earning your degree online gives you the flexibility to complete coursework anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. But this flexibility can also create a challenge: to stay on track and get things done, you need to stay motivated and hold yourself accountable. Luckily, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are thousands of […]


What Kind of Education Do I Need?

If you’re looking to improve your skills for a current job, qualify for advancement, or prepare for a new career, going back to school may be necessary—approximately 33 percent of jobs require some level of post-secondary education, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). But beyond the decision to continue your education, there […]

Online Certificate Programs

Video: 5 Career Certificates Programs that can Lead to a Career

Making the decision to pursue a new career can be exciting, but there are a lot of things to consider. Earning a two- or four-year degree might not be right for everyone. But did you know there are many careers that don’t require an associate or bachelor’s degree to get started? Here are five certificate […]

Work Life Balance Video

Video: How to Achieve Work-School-Life Balance

Some say the secret to a happy life is finding balance. But, most of us know it’s not that simple. From work and school, to family and your personal life, balancing everything can sometimes feel impossible. But it can be done! Here are some tips for setting achievable goals to maintain work-school-life balance.  

How to conquer your fear

How to Conquer A Fear of Going Back to School

Going back to school is a big step. Anyone considering it might have some questions. Thinking through these questions on your own, with family or with the help of friends can support you in deciding whether or not going back to school is right for you. Here’s how you can address four common questions that may cause […]

Online student uses laptop

Five Pieces of Advice to Be Successful at Ashworth College Online

Ashworth College offers online programs that grant students the flexibility to complete coursework on their own schedule. This model makes earning a degree more accessible to a lot of people, including individuals who work full time, have a family, or are busy with other obligations that prevent them from attending a traditional college. But online […]

DEAC - Distance Education Accrediting Commission

Why College Accreditation Matters

Students enroll in college with the understanding that their institution is reputable and their degree will carry weight upon graduating. That’s why prospective students (and even current students, if unsure) should verify that their college of choice is accredited by a recognized agency. But it’s just as important to understand what it means to be […]

Online student using laptop

Why It’s Never Too Late to Go (Back) to College

Nowadays, students have many options when considering which model of higher education works best for them, and their wallet. Whether you’re looking to fast-track your career advancement, keep up with changing industry trends or simply continue learning in an academic setting, it is never too late to go to college or return to higher education. […]

Online student on laptop

Choosing Between On-campus and Online Learning

There are a variety of factors that go into planning for your college education. Today’s advancements in digital and mobile technology have created a choice between two typical routes for higher education: on-campus and online learning.  Determining which of these types of learning environment best fits your schedule, personality, and preferences is helpful in making […]

Infographic: Are You a ‘Non-Traditional’ Student? You’re Not Alone.

As a non-traditional student, you may feel like the minority. But this is not the case—students categorized as “non-traditional” now account for the majority of postsecondary students, making it the new normal. Contemporary students, a more apt description, are a driving force in changing education, from the rise of distance learning, to the increased demand […]

Five Ways Ashworth College Supports Students

Earning an education is often a very personal goal, but it’s not something you have to do alone. As a student, you deserve the attention and resources necessary to thrive in your college studies and beyond. Your success is our success at Ashworth College, and we are committed to supporting you along the way. Here […]

Business Management Graduate From Nigeria

We caught up with a Ashworth College Business Management graduate who comes to us from Nigeria. He’s looking to go further and expand his education for the best opportunities possible., the sky is the limit! Video Transcript: Speaker 1: Now we have one of our graduates, originally from Nigeria, but now he’s in New York. […]

Ashworth Global Graduates Open Up About Their Experience

Ashworth College alumni span across the globe, and they also live busy lives. With such a diverse student base like Ashworth’s it is no secret they all had a different experience studying online while all having the common goal of achieving their degrees for building a bright career and future. In the testimonial below Ashworth […]

Future Plans Of Ashworth Global Students

At Ashworth College we’re proud to say that our students come from different backgrounds and countries around the world. One thing our graduates have in common is that they all have goals for the future that Ashworth College is helping them achieve. Hear what our students have to say in the testimonial below: Video Transcript: […]

International Students Who Pursue Their Degree Online!

With active students pursuing their online education throughout the world; Ashworth College is proud to be seen as the online school of choice for international students looking to gain advanced career training, accredited high school diplomas, and college degrees online. The video below highlights some of our international graduates! Video Transcript:  Speaker 1: As you […]

Ashworth College Graduate Review – Teacher Assistant Training, Usha

Ashworth College graduate Usha Patel is not only a graduate from our Teaching Assistant degree program, but she is also a mother as well. Usha took advantage of being able to study online, be able to teach and raise her son. In her testimonial Usha discusses her plan to make the most of her teacher assisting […]

Glenn Darby, Ashworth College Private Investigator Training

Glenn Darby, an Ashworth College graduate was interested in online learning. Having a tough schedule Glenn took full advantage of the benefits of learning online. Already with a diploma in our Private investigator course, Glenn is already looking for his next course and to further his career even more. Watch Glenn’s testimonial below: Video Transcript:   “For me, […]

Lavinia Dunkley-Adjodha from Saint Lucia Ashworth College Review

Ashworth College graduate, Lavinia Dunkley-Adjodha from Saint Lucia, opted for our Associate’s in Construction Management degree in 2008. Lavina found studying online to be reasonably simple, especially since she could easily fit her education around her busy work schedule. Lavina graduated with her Associate’s in Construction Management and transferred credits over to begin a Bachelor’s […]

Ashworth College Reviews | Success of Caribbean Students

Ashworth College offers online courses to students in numerous locations, including the Caribbean. Our flexible online degrees and training programs allow you to complete your education at your own pace, which is especially helpful if you are working full time and would otherwise be unable to fit college classes into your schedule. Many students have […]

Ashworth College Early Childhood Program Cecilia From Nairobi, Kenya

Early childhood educators, like Cecilia play a critical role in the development of children’s social, emotional, and educational needs. They set the stage for a child’s long-term academic success. The Ashworth College Associate degree teaches you the effective techniques for supervising children from infant aged to hitting grade school by the age of eight. Cecilia […]

Ester Oneill Ashworth College Property Management Graduate

Ester hails from Canada and shares her experience at Ashworth College studying Property Management. Thanks to her degree from Ashworth College she has started her own worthwhile profitable business. Upon coming to the states for her graduation Ester says she was “super, super, impressed” with Ashworth College. Our Property Management program guides you from important […]