Boost Your Career with these Degrees from Ashworth College

You want to be successful in your career. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to consider your career options or you have been in the same line of work for decades, everyone wants the opportunity to achieve their career goals. A strong educational foundation is part of building that success so often when someone is looking to make the most out of their career they look to a college education. At Ashworth College, there are some programs that can help you set the career trajectory you want or give you that extra leg up.


Getting in the Fast Lane

One way to boost your career is to choose a fast-growing occupation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the highest employment growth is expected in industries such as healthcare, construction, private educational services and professional and business services. This accelerated growth often means more opportunity in careers. These are the programs at Ashworth College that match the BLS’ fastest growing occupations:

Home Health Aide – The BLS expects that over 1.2 million home health aides will be needed by 2024. Influenced by the aging baby boomer generation and a push by hospital facilities for shorter stays, becoming a home health aide can be a great career for anyone who loves helping people. Every state has its requirements for licensing and training, but taking home health aide courses can help you better understand how to help the elderly, the disabled and people in ill health to maintain their quality of life and independence at home.

Occupational Therapy Aide – A career diploma in occupational therapy aide can set you on the right track for a fast growing career. These healthcare professionals are key parts of how patients recover from traumatic injuries, and how they re-learn and improve the skills necessary for their daily lives.

Physical Therapy Aide – Being a physical therapy aide is a great fit for anyone who loves to motivate others. Aides help patients reduce pain and improve range of motion through treatment and exercises. Both careers are also some of the fastest growing, expected to have a 39 percent increase by 2024, according to BLS.


Hitting the Accelerator

If you have already established your career and are looking to stick with it, then sometimes just a little gas is a perfect way to to get the boost you need. Going back to school as an adult can be a little scary but Ashworth College’s flexible online format can help because you can more easily balance work, family and other responsibilities. These are some careers where an additional credential can make a difference.

Healthcare Management – Overall, the number of healthcare jobs are expected to increase the fastest among all careers by 2024, says the BLS. Earning a master’s in healthcare management can prepare you to be a leader in the industry as it grows. Exploring healthcare management can be a great choice for many different healthcare workers, including entry level health services managers, nurses, assistant administrators and clinical managers.

RN to BSN  – Having a bachelor’s of nursing (BSN) is becoming an industry standard for nurses. While it used to be that an associate’s degree or a nursing diploma met employers’ requirements, more and more hiring managers in healthcare facilities are looking for nurses with more education. In fact, according to a study from the American Association of Nursing (AACN), nearly 79 percent of nurse employers strongly prefer nurses with a BSN. In turn, this is giving cause for more registered nurses to consider RN to BSN programs. For registered nurses (RN)

No matter what career you choose or your motivations for choosing it, an education focused on the skills you need will help you reach your goals. If you’re interested in learning more about the programs Ashworth College offers visit the Online Courses and Degree Page.


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