Business Management Graduate From Nigeria

We caught up with a Ashworth College Business Management graduate who comes to us from Nigeria. He’s looking to go further and expand his education for the best opportunities possible., the sky is the limit!

Video Transcript:

Speaker 1: Now we have one of our graduates, originally from Nigeria, but now he’s in New York. He [studied] Business Information Management. What are you going to do with your degree?

Speaker 2: Actually, I want to go further, for a bachelor’s [degree]. I just finished my associate [degree] and the more education I [have], the more opportunity I’ll [have].

Speaker 1: That’s wonderful, sir. Congratulations and thank you for coming here to graduation.


The Ashworth College online Business Management Certificate program includes a combination of fundamental courses and career-focused electives. Each college-level course is developed with the input of professionals to ensure you learn practical skills to help you succeed in the real world.

For more information on the Business Management program visit:

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