You Can Study Online to Become an Electrician

You Can Study Online to Become an Electrician


The internet provides us with access to nearly everything we could possibly want. We now have the ability to do things like unlock our front doors and update the functionality of our automobiles remotely. Yet people still question how a trade can be learned online.

It’s simple. Between figuring it out on your own and attending a brick-and-mortar school there’s the vast and convenient world of online learning–even for hands-on skills like how to become an electrician. Accredited, web-based schools make it easy to kick start your knowledge through structured online curricula created by actual electricians with tons of experience.

The Basic Electronics Career Diploma at Ashworth College

An accredited, web-based school can teach you so much more than YouTube videos created by amateurs or hobbyists. A formal curriculum designed by professional electricians–with the help of experienced educators–builds your knowledge on a solid foundation. When you complete a formal curriculum like the Basic Electronics program at Ashworth College, you walk away with a diploma that proves you did all the work required to understand the subject area. The best part? You get to do it without commuting to school or sitting in a classroom and then going back to your garage to do your homework. You can do it all from anywhere!

Ashworth College provides you with a 15-lesson curriculum on basic electronics plus tools and components for hands-on practice. You’ll begin your studies with an introduction to the science of electricity and then work step-by-step through lessons which will develop your:

  1. understanding of the scientific principles of electrical current, its conductors, semiconductors, and insulators,
  2. knowledge of the tools and equipment required for electrical construction, maintenance, and troubleshooting,
  3. skills for configuring components and connections into circuits,
  4. familiarity with the principles and operation of multiple components and devices like capacitors, resisters, generators, and motors; and
  5. ability to apply all of the above for use in electronics devices.

Salary for an Electrician

Basic electronics training can prepare you for entry-level work as an apprentice. According to, an electrician’s apprentice can make up to USD $19/hour plus bonuses and other benefits.  The salary for a master electrician can be up to USD $39/hour plus bonuses and other benefits.*

There are many specialty paths for skilled electricians and electronics technicians–from traditional powerline maintenance to conductive arts and crafts materials to digital technology. But no matter where you decide to take your skills, you have to start with the basics. Spark your potential in this valuable skilled trade by enrolling in the Basic Electronics online Career Diploma program at Ashworth College.

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