Ashworth College Early Childhood Program Cecilia From Nairobi, Kenya

Early childhood educators, like Cecilia play a critical role in the development of children’s social, emotional, and educational needs. They set the stage for a child’s long-term academic success. The Ashworth College Associate degree teaches you the effective techniques for supervising children from infant aged to hitting grade school by the age of eight.

Cecilia from Nairobi, Kenya, is a mother of three who works full time. The flexibility of taking classes online, affordable price, and helpful professors and fellow students, helped Cecilia earn her degree. Hear what Cecilia has to say in the video below:

Video Transcript:

“My name is Cecilia from Nairobi, Kenya, and I’ve been taking associates in science in Early Childhood Education. I want to go all the way until my masters degree.

What I like about Ashworth is that it’s flexible and affordable and I can do it on my own time.

I work full time in a nursery school, I’m a mother of three children, and so it worked for me!

My plan for the future is open a kindergarten school, and I have everything I need to open a school from Ashworth College.

I’d recommend Ashworth College to any student who’s very busy, or if you’re a full time mom or working full time. I recommend it because it’s very flexible and their online classes are easy to follow.

You’re not alone actually, you feel like you are in class. When you need help in your assignment they are there to help you when I had a question or I had a topic that I did not understand I had a professor help me answer questions. And the other students will discuss about topics and if we struggle, or you didn’t know this question and student will write “oh you know in this question, this number I didn’t get it. Who knows it?” And so it is constant help to one another to get the answer and understand the topic.

Today I am very excited and I feel privileged to be here to graduate. Just to receive my degree I feel overwhelmed and I just thank God for giving me this privilege to be able to graduate today.

I’m really happy I made it.”

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