What to Expect from Online Education

Online Education

Nowadays, pursuing a quality education can take many forms. Advancements in technology enable more ways to pursue a college degree than ever before. In fact, according to this 2017 report from Digital Learning Compass, over six million people are now enrolled in distance learning – that’s more than one in four college students!

Ask yourself this question: what are your academic and career goals? At Ashworth College, our programs are designed with you in mind, geared towards what you need to thrive in your studies as a busy person. From scheduling, tips for achievement and common misconceptions, here’s what to expect from online education and what it’s like to earn a degree online.


Flexibility and pace

Online learning can be the perfect route for people looking to advance their careers while balancing a busy work and personal life. One of the main perks of taking classes online is the flexibility and convenience students have. Flexibility at Ashworth College means making your own schedule, working from anywhere, setting your own pace and earning your degree in an affordable way.

Advancing at your own pace can be an incredible opportunity for ambitious students and “go-getters.” Ashworth College online students are not tied down by how often professors hold lectures, discussions and office hours or by their peers’ learning pace. Rather, you can often complete your degree program in a shorter amount of time than a typical on-campus education allows. Set your schedule, take advantage of the flexibility, put in the work and see the results pour in!

Tips for success

In order to set yourself up for success, you’ll need to decide when to carve out study sessions each week. Some of our most common schedule tips include using a physical calendar in addition to your computer calendar, figuring out what time of day and what location helps you be most productive, and not worrying too much when life gets in the way. By sticking to a schedule, your routine will become your biggest asset and you’ll be able to maximize your time away from studying and enjoy a nice work/life balance.

Some online students are concerned about the level of support they will receive as they navigate online classes. Know that you have every right to ask for assistance and guidance as an online student, and can get your questions answered. Ashworth College supports students in a variety of ways, including adaptable programs and affordable payment options (more on that in the section below), but our largest resource is our incredible people. Academic advisors are available by phone, email or online whenever you’re in need of extra help or advice. Our advisors are subject matter experts and have decades of experience in the real world. Another resource is the Student Portal, which helps you run every facet of your student account. You can manage your online courses, view your grades, connect with classmates and get academic support in a user-friendly way.


Common question #1 – “Am I all by myself on this adventure?” No, you’re not in it alone, and Ashworth College makes sure of this. Beyond the academic advisors and consistent lines of communication, our student community allows you to connect with classmates and make collaboration and networking possible. Each year, Ashworth College students, friends and family come together for an in-person graduation ceremony that celebrates all the hard work and dedication our students put in throughout their online education journey.

Common question #2 – “Can I afford this?” One of the biggest obstacles to pursuing higher education in America is paying for college. Ashworth strives to be an affordable option for every student. By offering some of the most affordable programs in the country, our scholars don’t have to take out massive student loans to cover the cost of their education. If you’re wondering, “is it worth it?”, remember: investing in your future can be one of the most valuable things you can do.

Common question #3 – “Is my school accredited and am I getting a ‘real’ degree?” Ashworth College is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC). Ashworth recently earned reaccreditation from DEAC through 2022. As one of the most responsible models of online education, Ashworth delivers high student ROI. During the past three decades, Ashworth has graduated more than 300,000 students, and has surpassed a 90 percent student satisfaction rate with 91 percent of students reporting that they achieved their goals upon completing their studies.
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