What it Feels Like to Accomplish Your Goals: Ashworth College Graduate Lisa Ledee’s Story

What it Feels Like to Accomplish Your Goals: Ashworth College Graduate Lisa Ledee’s Story

The feeling of accomplishing something you’ve always wanted to do is special. It’s a feeling of joy. It’s knowing that anything is possible. For a lot of graduates of Ashworth College, that feeling comes at graduation after they’ve finished their program.


That was certainly the case for Lisa Diana Ledee, who recently earned a diploma in interior decorating. Lisa knew she always wanted to graduate from college. When she enrolled in Ashworth’s interior decorating program, she was able to go after that dream in a field in which she has great passion.

Even though Lisa knew a college education was important to her, she admitted she felt a little scared at first. Like many students, Lisa wondered if she would have what it takes to complete her degree. It turns out, she did! She simply needed to think about her program as one step after another.

Lisa says that in part she was able to accomplish her goals because of the flexibility and support from Ashworth College. Even though she was taking online classes and not physically going to a classroom to meet face-to-face with her instructor, she could always get the support she needed. The personalized assistance she received was especially helpful when she found out her program required a healthy dose of math, a subject Lisa wanted to avoid. But, by tapping Ashworth’s online tutoring services, she was able to overcome the challenge easily!

For Lisa, having the support of the Ashworth College team, plus all the resources she needed at her fingertips, were the keys to making her college experience possible – and fun! She believes in the benefit of online college so much that she’d truly recommend it to anybody.

But, most of all, Lisa is still most excited about having graduated from college and being able to walk in a graduation ceremony knowing she accomplished what she set out to do.



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