Five Pieces of Advice to Be Successful at Ashworth College Online

Ashworth College offers online programs that grant students the flexibility to complete coursework on their own schedule. This model makes earning a degree more accessible to a lot of people, including individuals who work full time, have a family, or are busy with other obligations that prevent them from attending a traditional college.

But online education presents its own set of challenges and obstacles for students, too. We asked Chief Academic Officer Bill Kakish for advice on how students can be successful at Ashworth College. Here are five things to keep in mind when enrolling in an online program.

Pick a Program That’s Right for You

Ashworth college offers a number of degree programs across an array of professional fields. Before you enroll, it’s important to do the research and find the type of degree program that is right for you, depending on your career goals, level of education, and the amount of time you can commit to completing a program.

Our undergraduate certificate programs allow students to get started in the field of their choice, and, should they choose to continue their education, put their existing credits toward earning their associate or bachelor’s degree. Students can also enter directly into an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree program, depending on their prior education.

Ashworth College Online’s career programs are another option that provide students with job-specific training and prepare them to earn the certifications they need to enter in-demand industries in as little as four months.

Create a Good Learning Environment

Ashworth College’s online programs allow you to study from anywhere, any time to meet your needs. Still, it’s important to make sure you have the self-discipline to excel as an online student.

Successful online students often designate a regular study space where they can focus on their course work. This could be a secluded space at home that is away from distractions, or a place away from home, such as a quiet coffee shop, library, or other location where you are able to hunker down and concentrate on school work.

If you have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, consider turning off your cell phone, logging out of social media, or eliminating other electronic distractions while you study as well. These tactics can help keep you productive and on track.

Manage Your Time

The flexibility of Ashworth College’s self-paced model gives you the power to define your own schedule. But with great power, comes great responsibility. To be successful in an online program, you need to be able to manage your time, avoid procrastination, and move forward in your courses without constant pressure from your instructors or advisor.

The best ways to ensure success is to make a schedule and stick to it, and keep course materials organized. It’s also important to find balance between school, work, and your personal life so you can stay motivated and avoid burn out.

Make Connections

For some, online education can feel isolating. Reach out to your advisor and instructors early and often for support and guidance. Building these connections early on will help you achieve academic success in the long run. You can also connect with other students through the Ashworth College student portal.

Know Your Resources

Ashworth College offers a variety of resources to help you be successful in your online program. However, it’s important to be proactive about asking for help when you need it.

For tutoring and academic support, you can reach out to the Academic Advisor team. These professionals are equipped to work with students in every subject, one-on-one.

For technical problems, from figuring out how to log into the student portal, to trouble-shooting computer and software compatibility issues, you can reach out to the Student Service team.

Lastly, Ashworth College has career guidance counselors that you can work with to get guidance on identifying job opportunities, refining resumes, performing mock interviews, and other helpful recommendations.

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