Building a Health & Wellness Career

Building a Health & Wellness Career


Food to Fitness: Building a Health & Wellness Career with Ashworth College

No longer just a grade school topic relegated to coloring pages of the food pyramid and Presidential Physical Fitness tests, the world of health and wellness has developed into a lifestyle choice. Annually, the pursuit of fitness by adults and families translates to a $3.7 trillion worldwide “wellness economy” that shows no signs of slowing down. Collectively, healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss make up a $648 billon industry on their own.*

If you’re thinking of grabbing a piece of that pie for yourself, start with your own education and training. It doesn’t have to be expensive¬ or lengthy. The following career diploma programs offered by Ashworth College can be completed in as few as four months and a career diploma is a valuable way to get warmed up at the gate as you begin a career in this lucrative field.

Personal Trainer Career Diploma

Most people need some guidance when they first decide to improve their physical fitness. Those who are naturally inclined to athletics and exercise are ideal candidates to become the professional personal trainers who guide them. If that sounds like you–and you are skilled in customer service, communication/listening, problem solving, and motivating others–you may be successful offering personal training services to individuals or fitness groups.

The Ashworth College Personal Trainer Career Diploma can teach you how to go from health evaluation to fitness program development for your clients.

Nutrition, Diet & Health Science Career Diploma

The same as with physical fitness, many people can benefit from some guidance when they decide to improve their food intake. If you have a taste for good eating and know in your gut that nutrition is a key component of your good health, share that passion by becoming a diet and nutrition professional. In addition to your appreciation for a healthy diet–and a compassionate approach to clients who may struggle with it–you’ll need to be analytical, organized, a good listener/communicator, and an eager problem solver.

The Ashworth College Nutrition, Diet, and Health Science Career Diploma teaches you how to turn nutritional guidelines into practical applications for health.

Sport Psychology for Peak Performance Career Diploma

Talent and skill deliver only a certain level of success in sports. Behind every high-score and record-breaking athletic achievement is focus and motivation. When athletes need an extra push, coaches are the ones who help them reach the next level. If you are a relatable, communicative, resourceful, dedicated, decisive leader, you may be a first-string candidate to become a sport psychology professional.

The Ashworth College Sport Psychology for Peak Performance Career Diploma offers education in team dynamics, psychology, and theory so you can turn your own passion for sports toward motivating client athletes and sportsmen.

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