Future Plans Of Ashworth Global Students

At Ashworth College we’re proud to say that our students come from different backgrounds and countries around the world. One thing our graduates have in common is that they all have goals for the future that Ashworth College is helping them achieve.

Hear what our students have to say in the testimonial below:

Video Transcript:

Speaker 1: I’m here graduating with my associate [degree] in criminal justice.

Speaker 2: I recently completed the bachelor of science in criminal justice with Ashworth College.

Speaker 3: I’ve been taking [the] associate [degree program] in science in early childhood education. I want to go all the way to earn a master’s degree.

Speaker 4: I did the bachelor’s program business administration.

Speaker 5: In business administration with a concentration in accounting.

Speaker 6: I received my associate degree in accounting two years ago and I decided to go back for my bachelor’s.

Speaker 5: Maybe one day I’ll even pursue my masters. Speaker 3: My plan for the future is to open a kindergarten school.

Speaker 4: Hopefully I can move up the rank of where I work now and possibly own my own business.

Speaker 2: My long-term dream goal is to be a forensic scientist. Speaker 1: I’m four classes from my bachelor’s, so I’m looking forward to that.

Speaker 6: I’m graduating! With my degree in business administration with a minor in accounting. Yes!


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