Glenn Darby, Ashworth College Private Investigator Training

Glenn Darby, an Ashworth College graduate was interested in online learning. Having a tough schedule Glenn took full advantage of the benefits of learning online. Already with a diploma in our Private investigator course, Glenn is already looking for his next course and to further his career even more.

Watch Glenn’s testimonial below:

Video Transcript:  

“For me, coming from brick and mortar, this was quite an interesting opportunity for me. I really enjoyed it. I’ve already signed up for my next program already. For a couple months, I was off course a little bit, and they checked in with me on email and let me know they’re looking for some interaction. It put me back on track. I work a pretty tough schedule, and because it was at my leisure and pace, when I travel I can be on the plane reading and then by the time I got finished reading, I was ready to take the quiz, so it was an excellent opportunity.

Well it has pushed me a little further. In addition to my professional career independently, I’m a security consultant, so because of state requirements and needing education, I thought this would be a good segue for me to progress. I have begun to move independently as a security consultant, so this was good for me. One, because of the ease of getting into the program, going online to the courses. I had no issues with online at all. I’ve heard people at different schools having issues with getting response back. Every time I email and I called, I got an immediate response.”


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