Graduate Says Ashworth College Gave Him More Career Opportunities

Graduate Says Ashworth College Gave Him More Career Opportunities

With graduation comes a particular kind of euphoria. The mix of a sense of accomplishment for academic achievements and excitement for what’s ahead. For many Ashworth College graduates what’s ahead is a new adventure. That’s the case for recent graduate Everest Besa who earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.


A strong support network is essential to completing any goal, especially educational pursuits. For Everest, that support came from his family. He was able to stay motivated through his program with their help, so Everest says having them at the graduation ceremony was very special.

Everest is currently a police officer. Serving his community is incredibly fulfilling, but he was wondering what was next in his career. He enrolled online at Ashworth College to help plan for the future and evolution of his career. Now that he is graduating, Everest feels that he has more opportunities to advance his career and that new professional paths are open to him – all because he went back to school.

One of the aspects that appealed to Everest most about Ashworth College’s online programs was the flexibility. Programs are fully self-paced, giving students the freedom to choose when, where and how they study. For Everest, this lifestyle-friendly learning experience provided him the opportunity to balance his job and family responsibilities while still managing his school work effectively.

Now that Everest has completed his program, he’s looking forward to the future. He says that studying criminal justice has helped with his current role and set him up for success in his endeavors ahead. We know with Everest’s determination and persistence great things are in store for him!

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