Lavinia Dunkley-Adjodha from Saint Lucia Ashworth College Review

Ashworth College graduate, Lavinia Dunkley-Adjodha from Saint Lucia, opted for our Associate’s in Construction Management degree in 2008. Lavina found studying online to be reasonably simple, especially since she could easily fit her education around her busy work schedule.

Lavina graduated with her Associate’s in Construction Management and transferred credits over to begin a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Today, she works as a project manager, which utilizes the skills she gained in both fields.

Watch her full testimonial below:

Video Transcript:  

“I first chose Ashworth back in 2008. I started an Associate degree in construction management. At first I was a bit nervous on doing online distance learning, but then it was fairly easy. I was able to juggle my course work with my work, and it was very helpful service from Ashworth, in terms of shaping, because I’m from St. Lucia.

I’m graduating in 2010 for the Associate’s degree. I then considered going onto the Bachelor degree in business administration, which I spoke to one of the advisors about. They said it’s pretty simple. We just transfer the credits over, and basically start over.

At present, I work as a project management in construction, so I’m combining construction management with business administration. Further down the line, I just want to be working on my own. Ashworth College is a very good online distance learning school, providing distance courses for people while working, continuously. I would recommend it to family, friends, anybody wherever you are in the world.”

Learn more about the Ashworth College Construction Management Program, and our Business Administration Program.

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