Ashworth College Graduate Review – Teacher Assistant Training, Usha

Ashworth College graduate Usha Patel is not only a graduate from our Teaching Assistant degree program, but she is also a mother as well. Usha took advantage of being able to study online, be able to teach and raise her son.

In her testimonial Usha discusses her plan to make the most of her teacher assisting to help grow her flourishing career in education.

Watch her full testimonial below:

Video Transcript: 

“I’m interested in teaching and I love being around children.

I got to work in St. Andrews Catholic School in Nashville, Tennessee while I got to do this program, so I got my experience at the same time.

I have a nine year old son, so it works out well. When he studies, I study.

They’ll help me further myself in life and raise my son better, because I have a better job now.

Now I’m going to register … Well, I’ve registered to do my Bachelors in Early Childhood and eventually I hope to do my Masters.”


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