When is it the Right Time to Go Back to School?

If you’ve thought about going back to school to earn a degree, you’ve probably experienced the internal debate of “when is the right time?” This is a common obstacle for many adults. However, if the benefits of returning to school outweigh your excuses for not making the decision, it might just be your moment.

Here are four common catalysts that often motivate individuals to enroll in a degree program.


1. You Feel Stuck in Your Current Career

Whether you are bored with your job, aspire to go beyond your current position, or have recently discovered that your career goals have changed, it’s common for individuals to reach a point of feeling stuck professionally. Whether you want to take on a more advanced role or pivot into a different one within your field, you’ll probably require an additional degree or credentials. While returning to school can be a lot to juggle, the satisfaction of moving along your desired career path just might be worth it.


2. You Want to Start a New Career

Over the years, it’s become more common for individuals to switch careers at some point in their life. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a new field, want to stay ahead of the curve to adapt to changes in job availability, or have made a life change that necessitates making the shift, the decision to change your career often comes with more schooling. Taking the leap and going back to school can help with transitioning out of your current job.


3. Your Employer Offers Incentives

In an effort to create a more educated workforce, many employers are offering tuition reimbursement programs to staff members. When possible, you should take advantage of these programs not only because they can help you progress in your career, but also because employers may come to expect higher levels of education in your field. Taking advantage of these opportunities can allow you to stay competitive in your field while also saving you money.


4. You Have an Incomplete Degree

For many people who initially decide to start a degree program, life can get in the way. While it’s perfectly normal to step away from school when you need to due to a life event or if you decide a program isn’t right for you, it’s beneficial to finish a degree when possible. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, college graduates are less likely to be unemployed and make 45 percent more in weekly wages than individuals with only a high school diploma. If you have the capacity to return to school, doing so ensures that you won’t waste your credits or past tuition costs.


If any of these reasons apply to you, it might be time to go back to school. But before you do, it’s important to do your research. Looking for programs that match your goals, considering your financial situation, and talking with your friends and family can help ensure that you have the support you need to be successful in school and in your career.

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