The Benefits of Online Courses

The Benefits of Online Courses

Here at Ashworth College we’re obviously fans of the online learning environment. The flexibility of being able to fit studying around a life instead of navigating a fixed class schedule has made it possible for thousands upon thousands of students from around the globe achieve their goal of earning a certificate or degree.

You may have noticed more people talking about online learning, whether it’s taking a single online course or completing a degree. While online learning used to be an outlier, today more and more students are seeking an online college environment. Here are a few reasons why.

Ashworth College was recently ranked as one of the best nationally accredited online colleges.

  1. Cost In a time when every dollar counts, saving money on things as everyday as school supplies and transportation helps put money back in people’s pockets. Flexible payment plans also puts advanced education into the reach of more people.
  2. Flexibility Non-synchronous classes mean they can be started at any time. Allowing students to customize their schedule eases people back into the learning environment, encouraging commitment to finishing a program.
  3. Reduced pressure For many people, the thought of entering, or re-entering, a traditional classroom strikes fear into the heart. The idea of freezing up if called upon or the threat of a pop quiz disappears with online learning.
  4. Work/Life/School Balance There’s no doubt that trying to fit it all in—family, friends, work, exercise, hobbies, studying, sleep—requires more hours in a day than most people have. Online courses offer students a degree of control over their lives not available in a traditional school setting. Coursework and studying can be completed in bursts of time, or in small tidbits over an extended period, or even temporarily set aside with no penalty if a family emergency or other incident arises that requires attention.
  5. Ongoing support Far from being an isolating experience, online learning can remain rich in person-to-person interaction. From student communities that allow you to choose when and how often to interact with peers, to developing supportive relationships with your online instructors, to career services, online learning offers numerous chances to develop relatiionships.

For all these reasons and more, people are turning to online colleges and high schools. And, given current generations who have grown up using the world wide web for instructional videos on YouTube or as a the go-to method for learning about most everything, it’s more than reasonable to expect that demand for online courses will continue to grow and evolve.

Could online learning be right for you? If you have questions or need more information on any aspect of our online programs, please call 1-800-957-5412 today to chat with an admissions officer.