Why Get a Business Management Degree Online?

Why Get a Business Management Degree Online


There are few fields of study that will give you more options for success in your career than business management. Going for your business management degree online can blast your career wide open with new opportunities—and not just in the business world. Nonprofit organizations, public institutions and governmental agencies all rely on people with business management degrees to help guide their operations and managerial functions.

Enjoy Career Choices

You may have heard that business degrees are “a dime a dozen.” However, there is a reason why so many people are going after these degrees: They add value to a career.

For instance, the diverse courses you will take when you enroll in an Ashworth College online business management degree program will give you an extensive knowledge base. It’s up to you in what capacity and how you may use what you learn in all of the available jobs with a business management degree.

Ashworth College graduate Lilia Harris earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management

Subject matter runs the gamut. You will generally dig deep into such career-relevant topics as…

  • Decision making
  • Communications – written/oral
  • Human resource policy
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Basic financial principles
  • Operations analysis
  • Information technology
  • Marketing and sales

All of these skill sets are valuable for those who wish to excel in leadership roles. Whether you want to be in charge of a small team or a large department, there are elements of each of these areas of knowledge that are strongly desired in jobs with a business degree.

In addition, it doesn’t matter whether you decide to work in retail, manufacturing, high-tech, public services or any other sector of the economy; industries of all kinds place a high value on these managerial capabilities.

Practical Skills You Can Use Everyday

Once you have earned a business management degree online, you needn’t focus exclusively on a business career What you learn will add value to other endeavors.

What you learn with a business management degree online can help you manage your family activities better, use your time more efficiently, organize your finances, converse with others more clearly, and so much more. In short, whether you are balancing a personal checking account or a corporate budget, planning a short family vacation or a long-term marketing strategy, cooking for a crowd or coordinating a team meeting — everything you learn in the Ashworth College business management degree online program will be worthwhile.

What Are the Average Salaries for Business Management Positions?

Here are average salaries for some of the most popular business management positions of 2017, according to the U.S. Department of Labor*:

Sales Manager 
Median Pay: $121,060 per year | New job growth 2016-26: 28,900

Food Service Managers
Median Pay: $52,030 per year | New job growth 2016-26: 27,600

Human Resource Manager
Median Pay: $110,120 per year | New job growth 2016-26: 12,300

Administrative Service Manager
Median Pay: $94,020 per year | New job growth 2016-26: 28,500

Medical and Health Services Manager
Median Pay: $98,350 per year | New job growth 2016-26: 72,100

Lodging Manager
Median Pay: $51,800 per year | New job growth 2016-26: 1,900

* Source: https://www.bls.gov/

Open the Door to Entrepreneurship

A summary of business management salaries wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that one of the jobs with a business management degree that you may find highly desirable is that of entrepreneur. If you are thinking of starting and growing your own business, you will be ready to get it off the ground with your business management degree online.

Kim Doge, Master’s Degree in Management, 2018 Ashworth College graduate

In a survey conducted by Indeed.com, the average annual salary for entrepreneurs is listed at $58,408. Entrepreneurs are doers and dreamers, and because they pour their hearts and souls into transforming a personal vision into reality every day, they experience a special kind of satisfaction.

Ashworth College offers business management degrees for those who “want it all.” Keep your current job, learn on your own schedule at your convenience, and enjoy the opportunity of trying out your newfound skills as you finish each online lesson. Enroll in our Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management program or our Master’s Degree in Business Management program. Whichever you choose, you will be choosing a career path with a bright future ahead.

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